“Gospel music is not just something to listen to; it is an experience.
Once you’ve experienced good, anointed gospel music you will never be the same again!”

International Recording Artist

Songwriter & Arranger

History of Gospel Music

Master Classes


Jay T.  has recorded three solo CD’s and has worked with numerous choir both nationally and internationally. His work has been heard on radio and television commercials. For more than 30 years he has traveled the U.S. and abroad conducting gospel music workshops and concerts.

Ohio Arts Council

Consultant, Panel Member, & Grant Recipient

Performance & Collaboration Credits Include:

Rev. Milton Biggham, Rev. Timothy Wright, Ricky Grundy, Tata Vega, Keith Dobbins and the Resurrection Mass Choir, Jerry Thomas, Timothy Carpenter, and Sweden's gospel great Cyndee Peters, and Daniel Stenbaek and By Grace.

Please click here for a complete listing of Jay T.’s musical background and accomplishments.


"I'm Going On"

Jay T.'s 1st solo CD release, 1991. Sound of Gospel Records.

"Keep My Mind"

Jay T.'s sophomore CD release, 1998. Red Bone Records.

"I Won't Forget"

Jay T.'s 3rd album release from 2007. Red Bone Records.

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